Crime Fiction

Crime Fiction

Crime fiction is where I liberate my unexpressed criminal self, take my thousands years old revenge, torture and kill those who hurt me or us collectively.Here is an example:

It was in the middle of the night, everyone was asleep like a sheep. I could not because I was possessed by a toxic feeling of revenge. She was in another tent, I am sure I was not awake. I took the scissors from my bag and sneaked out of my tent. No one heard my footsteps or saw my shadow in any way. They had all had a long day.

I walked on my tip toes and found the tent she was sleeping in. I did not want to wake anyone so I cut the tent and sneaked in. She was there in her sleeping bag, she was huge, she was fat. Finally I was going to take my revenge. I sat by her head and began cutting her hair which made her look like a girl a little bit. Otherwise she was such a tomboy, bullying every beautiful girl in our class. I wanted to make her look like a monkey so I cut the hair in the front very very short, left the sides long and nothing at the back of her skull. Oh God! No crime would every feel so fun. I was thrilled, I was relieved , already dreaming of her tears. I heard noise and I quickly sneaked out.

I was going to pretend to be ill in the morning and let everyone go climbing and enjoy the last day of our camping.

Wake up!” exclaimed Susan in the morning.

I cannot, I am ill,” I replied and did not move a little bit.

Everyone has to, tutor said!” she insisted.

But I cannot, I am ill, look I am burning,” I said and put her hand on by forehead. And then, just then the tutor appeared by entrance of our tent. God! She looked so funny but she was mad she was angry.

Right! Come out now! Is it you who cut my hair last night?”

I was ill, I am still ill,” I replied quietly. That is when I discovered that I had to be a very smart liar if I wanted to feel the thrill of crime again. And I was going to take my first test in criminology at the age of ten.

Why did you do that?” she asked harshly when she finally realised that it was me who turned her into a monkey.

I remained quiet, she slapped me.

Tell me the truth now I won’t punish you!” she shouted again.

I remained quiet again and she pulled my hair in front of everyone including tomboy bully Leslie who was laughing at me secretly.

The tutor took the scissors and showed it to me.

Tell me the truth now otherwise I will cut your hair just like mine,” she shouted again.

No, no that was enough. What I did was not a crime. In fact it was work of God I thought to myself , it was not even a mistake.

Yes I did it! I shouted back at her, feeling the same thrill that I felt when cutting her hair last night. “And I don’t regret it, because you never punish bullies in our class!” I exclaimed. “Are you scared of bullies, too?” I asked.

She was shocked and quiet. And I walked away that day with no punishment because punishing the criminals in the absence of justice was not a crime and I knew I was not a criminal.

Honest confession would be that I love writing crime ebooks because I cannot stand injustice and I want to know whether criminals are born that way. If not then what makes them criminals? I am also explore in my stories that if there are justified wars then some crimes to defeat ongoing injustice must be just, too.

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